Marlou Düster

Schauspielerin, Musicaldarstellerin, Tänzerin und Sängerin
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Further Education

Positioning and further training for actors


Training as a state-recognized Performing Artist at the Stage School Hamburg

Technical diploma

Pedagogy, Psychology and Social Affairs

Meine Erfahrung

Passion 20:20

Maria-Magdalena, Lydia, Aerial-Silk-Acrobatics

I want fun – with the music of the NDW


The Popess

Richild, Aerial-Silk-Acrobatics, Swing

The Ring – The Rockmusical



Empress Elizabeth, Princess Sophie, Queen Marie, Ludovika, Swan, Aerial-Silk-Acrobatics, Swing, Dance Captain,

Meine Vita

Meine Stärken

Was sind meine Stärken?!


Goethe's last words were more light. Mine will be: More dance!Maurice Béjart I started taking classical ballet lessons at the…

Marlou Düster, Dance Captain, Festspielhaus Füssen

Dance – Coaching

A good teacher is someone who tells you where to look but not what to see.Herwig Kummer Whether with children…

Marlou Düster Grease


Even a very small song can illuminate a lot of darknessFranz von Assisi Singing and music have accompanied me all…

Marlou Düster, Aerial Silk - Photo by Michael Böhmländer

Aerial Silk Acrobatics

I've had a lot of dreams about flying, since I've been doing Aerial-Silk, I've been able to experience what it…

Marlou Düster, Schauspiel, Passion 20:20


Life is like a play: It doesn't matter how long it is, but how colorful it is.- Lucius Annaeus Seneca…

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Of the 150 students who started with her, only 60 are left. A simultaneous training in the three complex areas…

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Marlou Düster, Passion 20:20 - Photo by Klaus Köhler
Marlou Düster, Jens Rainer Kalkmann, Till Meixner - Photo by Michael Böhmländer

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