Theatre Heidelberg

The Heidelberg Theatre and Orchestra is a five-branch house with music theatre, concerts, drama and dance as well as its own ensemble for children’s and youth theatre. In 2006 the theatre was closed due to significant structural defects. In August 2009, the renovation of the theatre and a new theatre began. This was made possible, among other things, by an extraordinary civic commitment, in particular a large donation from the Heidelberg entrepreneur Wolfgang Marguerre. The total costs amounted to almost 60 million euros, about 19 million of which were donated, Marguerre alone contributed 15 million euros. The new hall of the building was named after him. The grand opening of the new old theater with the premiere of Tchaikovsky’s Mazeppa took place on November 24, 2012 in the new Marguerre Hall, which has a capacity of around 600 people.