Theatre Luebeck

The Theatre Lübeck (formerly: Bühnen der Hansestadt Lübeck or City Theatre for short) is operated by Lübecker Theatre gGmbH, a company of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck. It is one of the largest municipal theatres in northern Germany. The Lübeck Theatre today combines three stages in one building. In the large house (around 800 seats), a 300 m2 stage plus an orchestra podium and extensive stage machinery is used. In the Kammerspiele (around 320 seats) there is a stage with 154 m2 of stage area. The range originally comprised the three classic categories. After ceasing its own dance theatre (ballet) due to austerity measures, it offers music theatre and drama as well as concerts by the Philharmonic Orchestra in the Great House, the Kammerspiele and in the Junge Studio. Henry Vahl, Horst Frank and Joachim Hermann Luger were part of the theatre’s ensemble. There are regular performances by the Low German Stage, the children’s and youth theatre, the Lübeck Pocket Opera and projects in the field of theatre education.